Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Reality

We attempt to make our life better (a different reality) by learning new techniques to change our current reality.  Sometimes, when a reality that we are experiencing is too painful, or it loses it luster, we decide to upgrade to a different reality.  We may choose to experience a reality that is slightly “better”, more “proper” or perhaps more “accepted” by others.  We most likely will choose a reality based on our thought patterns and what we think is more probable (be practical) instead of our true heart’s desires.

You may agree that we create our own reality.  When we get up in the morning we can verbalize, project and expect a reality that is both stressful and draining OR a reality that things can happen with ease and joy.

In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, we need to plant (imagine!) flowers, trees and fruits that enable us to thrive.  Our outcome is not to survive the cycles of life’s seasons.  We are here to thrive and flourish in our garden within outside of what we think is possible.

For a minute, let us put aside our judgments of others, our society and our beliefs as a deciding factor of choosing a reality.  If you had a choice to choose a reality among a multitude of possible realities, what criteria would you use to make the choice?

How much love is in your proposed reality?  Does your proposed reality help you experience joy?  Does your proposed reality nourish your heart’s desires?  Does your proposed reality bring you a full range of human emotions to experience?  Is your proposed reality a space holder for a future life or an actual thriving life?  The poem below is an aid to explore our new reality more effectively.

New Reality

If you could dream a new reality
what would it be?

What emotions would you experience?

Who would you be with?

What would you be doing?

What would your relationships be like?

What would your career be like?

What is the basis of your new reality:
fear or love?

Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat

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