Sunday, July 10, 2011

Allow To Receive

Do you allow yourself to receive the Divine’s grace?  Are you selective in the ways you may receive? Are you selective from who you receive?

Our belief system has an amazing influence on how we receive Divine grace and how we value ourselves.  We may have had traumatic experiences in the past that convinced us that we are not worthy of receiving Divine grace .  We also may get re-enforcement of our limiting belief by comparing ourselves to others and concluding that we are not as worthy.

You don’t go out and advertise to your friends and family your limiting beliefs.  The symptom of this limiting belief may show up in other more subtle forms.  Do you feel guilty if you take care of your needs (exercise, following your passion,…) while it is totally ok for you to help others take care of their needs?   Do you ask the Universe for your heart’s desire or do you put aside asking because you think that you do not deserve receiving what you may desire?  Do you just focus on the things you do not have while ignoring and not enjoying what you do have?

In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is important be aware of what we block ourselves from receiving.  Imagine a gardener putting his/her plants in his/her garden within protected boxes and dictating that sunshine can only be received by those plants during a certain time of day/month, etc.   What would our garden within be like if we were to allow ourselves to receive light and nourishment unconditionally from all sources?  The poem below describes a situation that I experienced.

Allow To Receive

The angel with brunette hair
was radiating love and light.

I felt the urge to sit by her.
I felt calm and peaceful being next to her.

We had a long conversation …

The angel did not look at herself in the mirror.

The angel did not want to see “all her wrinkles”
and her imperfections.

By not looking in the mirror
 the angel was also rejecting all her blessings.

The angel was very uncomfortable in receiving healing energy.

The angel believed that she did not deserve and was not worthy
to receive love and healing energy.

The story of the angel is for you and me to ponder.

What part of your life are you not allowing yourself to receive?

What part of your life are you uncomfortable to bring joy and laughter into?

Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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